sleep at the natural history museum

The Natural History Museum is once again opening its doors after-hours, offering members of the public the chance to spend a night in the museum, Ben Stiller style, or so we’d like to imagine anyway. The first date has sold out but there are still tickets available for May.

On the night guests will set up camp under Hope the whale before heading to the restaurant for a three course dinner. Then the events will begin and you could be getting involved in everything from an all-night monster movie marathon, a pub quiz, stand-up comedy, a midnight feast of edible insects, and many more weird and wonderful things to keep you entertained from dusk to dawn. The experience doesn’t come cheap at £180, however that includes dinner and breakfast, and when you think of hotel prices in London, it doesn’t seem that bad does it?

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[maxbutton id=”420″] Sat 18th May 2019
The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD