skaters: in your head

NYC trio Skaters are back with new music and they’re back with a DIY spirit. Ahead of the release of their sophomore album ROCK and ROLL Bye Bye, they’ve shared the vid for new single ‘In Your Head’, which sees an interpretive dance routine take place down a Hull high street. Guitarist Josh Hubbard actually hails from Hull, so it’s not a totally random choice, and he explained that the band’s new ethos saw them reach out “on the internet to people and people got back. Conversations where had, relationships forged and collaborations were born…This here video is the outcome from one of those ‘on line’ conversations started on the internet. Hull transplant and very talented DP Josh Moore (shootjmoore) teamed up with us and took a walk down Whitefriargate.”

ROCK and ROLL Bye Bye is out 24th March on Yonks Records.