After Rok Islington closed its doors at the start of the year, it was taken over by vegan restaurant Slaw (which we happened to love) but sadly that one didn’t go the distance either. Now the site has gone Nordic once more with SKAL Nordic Dining, run by owner and head chef Lauri J Hilli, wife Angelique and daughter Emma, moving into the space. The interiors are classic Scandi – minimalist and earthy – with the menu offering up a modern interpretation of traditional Swedish home cooking.

You can expect dishes like gravadlax with pickled cucumber and wasabi; crispy ‘kroppkakor’ with wild mushrooms, västerbotten cheese & cloudberry vinaigrette; hot smoked Birch salmon with pickled beetroot, dill and Swedish mustard; venison meatballs with wild mushrooms, game sauce and lingonberries; Swedish rice pudding with brandy-soaked cloudberries; and sticky chocolate cake ‘kladdkaka’ with skyr, orange & liquorice.

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149 Upper Street, London N1 1RA