Tools, gardening equipment, even a fancy cake tin…you order these things, they get used once and then get stuffed in the back of a cupboard. New community sharing platform ABLO is here to change that. Founded by friends Abbie Sorabjee and Lottie Winter as an alternative to throwaway culture, ABLO makes it easy for you to borrow (and lend) items from people in your area.

On ABLO you can borrow everything from furniture to gardening equipment to books, and not only is it more sustainable, you don’t have to compromise on convenience as the items are available immediately. ABLO works on a credit system, where you can earn credits for free by lending out your own items or you can buy them for £2.50 if you want to start borrowing straight away. It’s free to sign up and you get five free credits when you do, so get borrowing.

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