sex pistols ‘god save the queen’ 7″ sells for 10K+

It took only six days after the Sex Pistols signed their recording contract, for it to be ripped up and destroyed…Well done boys. There were 25,000 copies of ‘God Save The Queen’ released on A&M Records in March 1977. There is an unreleased 7″ of the same single, of which the genuine originals have the serrated anti-slip necklace and 7284 written twice on the B-Side runout, one above the other, if you have one…BUT there are thought to be only 9 in existence. Still, when it has been sold for $14,690US (just over 10k) you’d be kicking yourself if you actually had one in your possession. Yes, this unreleased Sex Pistols single is said to be one of the rarest records in Britain. God save the bloody Queen.

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