As part of its new sustainability initiative Project Earth, which includes a new edit of of eco products, pre-loved fashion pop-ups and clothes rental services, Selfridges is hosting a series of virtual events covering issues like the climate crisis, the future of shopping and ethical eating. The talks, which are free to join, feature more than 30 leading activists and thinkers, including the likes of George Monibot, Caroline Lucas and Farhana Yamin.

Check out the full schedule below and register for the events here:

In Conversation with Dana Thomas | 6.30pm, 15th September 
Instagram Live

Sali Hughes X Aveda Hair Repair | 6.30pm, 16th September
Selfridges Webinar

Future Solutions with The Institute of Digital Fashion | 6.30pm, 17th September
Selfridges Webinar with Catty Tae and Leanne Elliot Young

Ethical Consumerism: Oxymoron or Opportunity? | 6.30pm, 18th September
The Guardian webinar with Jess Cartner Morley, Aja Barber, Christopher Raeburn and Orsola de Castro

Reimagining our Material World | 6.30pm, 20th September
Selfridges webinar with Patrick Grant, Caroline Issa, Dio Kurazawa, Bay Garnett and Arizona Muse

Meet the Champions of Change | 6.30pm, 2nd October
Selfridges webinar with Alannah Weston, John Sauven, Christiana Figueres, Farhana Yamin and Paul Van Zyl

A Creative Call for Our Oceans’ Future | 6.30pm, 5th October
Instagram Live with Cyrill Gutsch, Alexander Taylor

Meet the Young Activists Fighting for Climate Justice | 6.30pm, 6th October
Selfridges webinar with Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Zamzam Ibrahim, Clover Hogan and Zaqiya Cajee

Immaterial Fashion: The End of Ownership?  | 6.30pm, 8th October
Instagram Live with Victoria Prew

The Future of Sustainable Beauty with Sali Hughes | 6.30pm, 9th October
Selfridges Webinar

Better Together: How to Build a Movement | 6.30pm, 13th October
Selfridges webinar with Caroline Lucas, Tony Juniper, Aditi Mayer and Jack Harries

How Can we Become Ethical Eaters? | 6.30pm, 14th October
Selfridges webinar with Razia Iqbal, Dr Emma Keller, George Monibot and Ryan Chetiyawardana

Future-Facing Ideas for our Changing World | 6.30pm, 15th October
Selfridges webinar with Emma Slade Edmondson, Matthew Drinkwater, Bethany Williams, Carmen Hijosa and Amanda Johnson