Feeling like you’re missing some LOLs in your life? Then fear not Selfridges are here to save the day with their 6 hour – yep 6 hour long – comedy webcast. The LOL-athon will run from 6pm – 12am this Friday and whilst that might seem like a stretch it’s not like you have plans to go down the pub, is it? The event is a co-lab with Sink The Pink co-founder Glyn Fussell and will feature 15 eclectic acts including….wait for it…Mel C who will be spinning tunes for the final act alongside Jonny Woo, Rosie Jones, Rich Wilson and many more who will all be showcasing their talents.

Expect singing, LOLing, dancing and all-round good vibes with watchers invited to donate to the mental health charity SHOUT. Watch the show live on Instagram and make sure you have a drink in hand. It’s the BIGGEST Friday night we’ll have had in lockdown so far. Glad rags at the ready!

Fri 15th May 2020, 6pm – 12am