secret cinema presents casino royale

The name’s Cinema, Secret Cinema. Yes for its latest extravaganza Secret Cinema has taken on 007 for the very first time with a production of Casino Royale – Daniel Craig’s first outing as James Bond – and it’s the largest and most ambitious indoor event yet.

A secret London location has been transformed into the glamorous and action-packed world of Bond, with guests being recruited as part of ‘Operation Wild Card’, joining either Q Branch or M Branch before embarking on a night of high stakes spying. The film takes place across multiple locations, from London to Miami to Montenegro, and many of them have been recreated by the production team. We’re not going to give you any spoilers but we have to say that they’ve outdone themselves with the quality and level of detail of the sets.

There’s so much to explore that you could easily just spend the time before the screening walking around and taking it all in, stopping for a martini or two of course, but there’s also plenty to get involved in too. If you really want to put your aliases to the test or have a flutter on one of the casino tables, it’s best to get there early as possible so you can make the most of it. And you definitely don’t want to miss the set pieces – again no spoilers, but they genuinely feel thrilling.

The actual screening of the movie is handled very well too; the film is action-packed enough that it doesn’t need a huge amount of extra flourishes but what has been added enhances the experience without distracting you from the big screen. And if you do decide to go VIP, you’ll get extra comfy seating and table service during the film as well as access to exclusive areas of the show. Tuxes at the ready people.

Secret London location