If lockdown has got you feeling super stressed, London-based artist Marcus Lyall has got an ingenious way for you to release some of your anger. You scream over a Zoom call and that power will be used to illuminate a massive LED light installation. Marcus has fitted the public artwork, aptly named Scream The House Down, into a soon-to-be-demolished four storey office building in Southwark.

The Zoom calls will be running regularly until the start of July, so you can log on to scream your heart out, or if you’ve got a particular rage on out of hours, you can record yourself screaming and email it in. And the louder you scream, the bigger the illumination will be, so if you reckon you could keep that thing lit for days, it’s your chance to let it all out.

Tues – Sat until Sat 4th July 2020, 8.30pm – 12.30am