We’re not gonna lie, we’re sick of looking at ourselves on video calls – for the love of God, can we please just not at 9am on a Monday. But now lockdown is over and we’re about to be released into the big wide world again, we wanted something to perk up our skin. Enter Tixel, a new non-surgical rejuvenation treatment that uses heat to give you a youthful glow – literally you will leave glowing.

The facial involves a small, heated (up to 400c) metal plate made up of multiple tiny cones, which are pressed across the face and neck to stimulate collagen, tighten skin and allow deeper penetration of serums. Whilst we’re told it’s less painful than micro-needling (we can’t comment on that) it”s not completely pain-free. The heat means it burns a bit during the facial but it’s super fast, lasting 20 mins max, so it’s not too bad and similar to getting a hollywood wax.

Our face was a little sore/puffy afterwards but nothing a good layer of make-up couldn’t hide, and just 24 hours later all signs had disappeared so there is no real down time. We definitely noticed a difference too, we looked less haggard around the eyes and our face was smoother than it has been all year. If you want a treatment that gives results fast and can be done in a lunch hour then we’d definitely recommend the Tixel.

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