salon spy | strip

Waxing is never going to be as enjoyable as going for a massage or a manicure but there are salons out there that have managed to make it a much more luxurious (and bearable) experience and Strip is one of them. Their Islington branch, like the four other London salons, is very glam with lots of rich colours and Renaissance-inspired murals on the walls, which certainly makes you feel more comfortable whether you stay that way for long or not. They even stock a range of high-end swimwear, lingerie and activewear available from their boutique, so you can buy something that’s gonna show off what you’ve just had waxed off.

The themed treatment rooms, including a chocolate room and lavender room complete with colour co-ordinated wax, have televisions in to distract you whilst the therapists get to work. Strip was the first to use Lycon wax in the UK and believe us when we say that it’s about as painless as waxing gets. The low melting point and added essential oils mean that the wax doesn’t irritate the skin and it peels off rather than being ripped off with a cloth strip…no ripping means no pain, we swear! The therapists are so good that your trip to Brazil takes less than half an hour, and you really can’t ask for much more than that.

164 Upper St, London N1 1US