Ethical hair extension specialist Richy Hair is not only good at adding hair to your bonce, they now have their own townhouse in West London with a salon, meaning they can cut, treat and blow dry your locks even if you don’t need extra hair. Located in Chelsea on the super cute Walton Street, RH London certainly stands out from its neighbours with a huge floral display outside, which also doubles as the ideal insta op – just add a new head of hair and you’re influencing in the wild. The display is a special Christmas installation but fear not if you can’t make the festive season, there’s a ton of flowers surrounding the door and on the walls all year round. 

We visited pre lockdown 2.0 with covid restrictions in full swing and found the salon was super clean and on it when it came to having rules and regulations in place. With a focus on slowing down and enjoying some ‘me’ time, the four-story townhouse has ample space for clients to relax after treatments.

Our tresses are thick enough, so after a consultation we decided that our mop needed thinning out rather than any thickness adding. We had some restyling around our bangs followed by a very voluminous, silky blow dry and a selfie on the steps. If you want to go to great lengths to sort out your hair, then head to RH London. 

65 Walton St, Chelsea, London SW3 2HT