Our hair goes through a lot in the pursuit of a hot new do, from excessive heat to harsh chemicals and such intensive styling ends up damaging the hair in the long run. Michael John Guzzon believes that damaged hair can never look good and his passion for healthy hair and its power to bring confidence is behind all the services he offers at his Westbourne Grove salon.

That means he doesn’t do harsh peroxide colour or highlights and he uses all the expertise and style developed over 25 years in the industry to deliver what he knows will be the best for his clients’ hair. He’s created a range of signature treatments and techniques to deliver healthy, strong and even coloured hair using natural and organic ingredients. 

Several months of not cutting my hair coupled with sun and chlorine exposure over the summer left me in serious need of a chop and with some colour growth to even out, Michael cut a healthy amount of the bottom to remove the dead ends and added a gloss to blend out the lighter band of hair left by a previous dyeing sesh, before moving on to his signature Food For Hair treatment. 

Made from a unique blend of natural ingredients, including walnuts, soybean, lavender, fenugreek, chamomile, and alma berries, Food For Hair is totally organic (it’s even food grade so technically it could be food for body as well). It nourishes the hair, cleans and purifies the scalp, stimulates hair growth, and can also be used as a colour treatment. Michael is rightly proud of what he’s created, so he’s keen to show it off; the treatment arrives by the chair in a big wooden bowl, almost ceremonial looking, and then the chocolate-coloured paste is mixed up with some fresh squeezed orange juice and a good glug of an eight-oil blend. 

It’s pasted onto the hair really thick ensuring that the scalp and every single strand is covered and then my hair was cling wrapped and put under a heater to get it sinking in. My hair was noticeably thicker after the treatment was washed off (using his own-brand lavender shampoo), and the colour looked richer too. A nice bouncy blow and a dab of Michael’s own Guzzoil hair oil completed the transformation, ensuring I left with my hair restored to full health.

183 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2SB