Live Tue London, the salon chain that’s all about making you feel true to yourself no matter how simple or wild your look is, has launched a new range of natural and ingredient-driven beauty treatments at its Vauxhall branch, incorporating vegan and cruelty-free products to turn a treatment into a holistic experience. The Turmeric and Himalayan Pink Salt Spa Pedicure is one such treatment, making use of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial turmeric and detoxifying Himalayan pink salt – they can do more than sit in your kitchen cupboards you know!

The pedicure starts with a soak in a bath of turmeric, Dead Sea and Epsom salts, and you can even sip on a PUKKA Turmeric Gold tea whilst your feet soften to really get the full turmeric experience inside and out. After your nails and cuticles get shaped, it’s onto the energising scrub made with raw Himalayan salt. They’re fairly chunky crystals so you’re getting good exfoliation here – much needed if you’ve been in sandals all summer long. The therapist also whips out the file to get rid of any more dead skin, and your feet and legs are soothed and smoothed with the turmeric infused moisturiser. It’s all finished off with a polish of your choice, leaving you hot to trot.

A regular pedicure is always a treat but the addition of turmeric and Himalayan salt definitely take the treatment up a notch, and the anti-inflammatory properties make it a great one to go for if you’re on your feet all day.

Unit 8 Flagstaff House, 14 St George Wharf, London SW8 2LE