After months of no beauty treatments, the impulse to book in and get everything done is real, but you don’t wanna overload your face when it’s only just been let out to socialise again. Lash and brow specialist Jiemao has just launched the perfect treatment to ease you back into the beauty game. Their Organic Lash Lift enhances your natural lashes without using any harsh chemicals, making it ideal for those who’ve not had their lashes done in a while (aka all of us) and also for people who have sensitive eyes and skin.

The treatment is non-toxic and done with cruelty-free, food-grade ingredients (so no ammonia, no thioglycolate and no strong smells) like Rose of Jericho to nourish and condition your lashes, as while also achieving that all-important lift and curl. We went in for the Organic Lash Lift at STORY in Marylebone (Jiemao also has a standalone salon in Stoke Newington) with founder Salina Boardman doing the treatment. The process is the same as a regular lash lift – your lashes are combed into place, curling solution is applied. followed by setting lotion and a shine oil – and then Salina also tinted them black for extra emphasis.

Not only are we impressed with the results – there’s lots of lovely curl, which makes our lashes look longer, so there’s no need for mascara – it’s gonna last six to eights weeks with no maintenance necessary, and that’s just how we like our beauty treatments.

STORY Aesthetics Results, 15 Crawford Street, London, W1H 1BR