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Parisian clinic Epilium & Skin is bringing French medical beauty to Marylebone with its cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical treatments, including everything from laser hair removal to coolscuplting to botox. Our skin needed a bit of attention so we went in for a Deep Cleanse Facial.

As it’s a medical facial, the Deep Cleanse treatment here is much more intensive than one you would typically get at a spa or salon. After a quick cleanse, it’s straight on with a double acid peel. A mix of citric and mandelic acid goes on first, with glycolic acid layered on top. This is where the stinging started for us – it’s not unbearable but you definitely do feel it doing its thing on your face.

Then its extraction time. The therapist whips out a magnifying glass to see all the impurities in your skin and squeezes them out. We’re not gonna lie, this bit does hurt (no pain no gain, right?) but it’s the best way to unclog those pores and you really can see a difference afterwards.

The final stage is more relaxing as a thick mask gets slapped on to help calm the skin down after all that action, with a protective layer of vitamin C and SPF applied to your face before you leave.

This isn’t the type of facial that leaves you feeling all zen, and it’s not one to try and do on your lunch break as you will have patches of redness for at least a few hours, but boy does it do the job. Your skin is left squeaky clean, smooth and glowing. They don’t call it deep cleanse for nothing.

25-27 George St, London W1U 3QA