salon spy | ella di rocco wine spa

Glasses at the ready as the UK’s first ever wine spa has opened in London. That’s right, we said wine spa. Located on Fulham Road, Ella Di Rocco spa has created a range of wine inspired treatments that provide the ultimate relaxation along with all of those unknown benefits of wine. We always knew wine was good for you.

The treatments begin with a full body scrub made from carefully selected grapes and wine extracts. This is then followed by the wine bath, which is exactly what it sounds like and involves soaking in a mixture of Sangiovese, Merlot and Ciliegiolo red wine, warm water and the concentrate of virgin grape juice. The bath will be set at a temperature to open pores, which helps release toxins, lower blood sugar levels and relieve painful joints and muscles. Much to everyone’s disappointment, you aren’t allowed to drink directly from the bath (DAMN) but you are offered a glass of wine to enjoy whilst soaking in the tub. There is then the choice to finish the treatment with a full body massage, which we thoroughly recommend.

wine bath

Prices start at £90 and are dependent on the treatments you choose. There is also the ability to experience the wine spa for two people, making it the perfect day out for you and your bestie. Selfie soaking in a bath of red wine = optional.

307 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9QH