Delarom, the natural skincare brand founded by Christine Benet (who’s also behind Decleor and Darphan), has been a big hit in France and now it’s doing the same over on our shores. Delarom products use botanical and essential oils and natural ingredients like neroli, organic aloe and pomegranate extract to hydrate, strengthen and restore the skin, with no silicone, mineral oil or parabens across the range. And the best way to try them out is with the Delarom Hydra Aquaconfort facial at Beyond MediSpa in Harvey Nichols.

The facial combines the different stages of a Hydra Facial with Delarom products, so you get all the detoxification and extraction from the former with the added nourishment and hydration from the latter. After a double cleanse using cleansing gel and cleansing milk, the therapist uses the machine to do lymphatic drainage before exfoliating and removing debris from our pores with a suction nozzle. She also did some manual extraction – when the big light comes out you know she means business – to really get every last bit of gunk out. Then it’s on with a serum and an LED light mask for some red light therapy, with a sweep of eye contour cream to finish off the treatment.

It’s a pretty relaxing and soothing 50 minutes (the manual extraction is optional, so if you can’t take the pain you don’t have to do it), all the products smell divine, and you really do leave with a brighter complexion.

Fourth Floor, Harvey Nichols, 109-125 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RJ