Since the CBD scene exploded in London, we’ve had it in everything from lattes to marshmallows to cocktails. Ingesting the oil is not the only way to get your hit though as CBD has now found its way into beauty treatments. We went to try out a CBD Detox Facial at beauty salon and blow dry bar Blush + Blow in Fulham.

The facial is done using Kannaway CBD oil and infused products. Kannaway has developed a hemp that contains naturally high levels of CBD (the oil is 1000mg) and it’s sustainably grown without any pesticides or fertilizers. The products contain active ingredients, meaning that it’s a stimulating rather than relaxing facial – it certainly doesn’t hurt but you won’t be drifting off to sleep either.

It starts with a double cleanse and exfoliation, and it’s quite a scratchy one so you know all that dead skin is coming right off. Then a glow-enhancing mask goes on, very tingly and warming at first (that’s those active ingredients getting to work) and just when you think it’s all getting a bit hot, it mellows right down so you don’t even feel it anymore. It also helps that the therapist gives you a lovely shoulder massage during all of this.

Once the mask comes off it’s time for the pure CBD oil, which gets worked into the skin through an intense facial massage. As well as providing lymphatic drainage, the purpose of the massage is to really get the blood pumping – there are cannabinoid receptors in the skin so this all about getting the maximum amount of absorption. Your face is pushed and pulled in ways you’ve likely never experienced but it defo gets that circulation going. You do leave with a slight bit of redness, though it’s nothing that’d stop you walking outside, and a one hell of a glow.

It’s £75 for the hour-long facial, and if your skin needs a little more attention, the salon also offers a microdermabrasion version for £90.

197 New King’s Rd, London SW6 4SR