Is it just me or is everyone feeling overworked, stretched, stressed and spending far too much time on a laptop Zooming? Yes, we’re still all doing a whole load of Zooming. What’s wrong with calling a mobile and not seeing a person’s face? Camera off always please. If you’re feeling the burn (out), then I strongly suggest investing in some R&R, particularly if it’s a Thai massage at Asiatic in Islington.

Yes I am the kind of person who’s been to South East Asia a fair few times and enjoyed a lot of good (and very bad) cheap massages – on my last trip to Thailand I had one every day for 10 days and had to have a couple of days off because my legs were starting to feel like slabs of tenderised meat. I’m also the kind of person who like to wax lyrical about the lack of really good, authentic Thai massages in London so maybe now I can finally retire my inner Traveller Trev and instead enjoy 90-minute Thai massages in the no-frills surrounds of Asiatic. A one hour massage will set you back £69 and £99 for 90 minutes – obviously a fair bit more than those Thailand prices but really not bad by London standards these days.

The 90-minute massage features all the right pushing, pulling and clicking of a traditional Thai massage – yes there’s elbows and knees involved and they go from head-to-toe on both sides of your body. I always ask for hard pressure because I like to feel like it’s making a difference and one day that knot in my right shoulder might actually disappear.

With two sites in London, both on my doorstep in Islington I am hoping this is one healthy habit I’ll be able to find the time to commit to….

93 Upper St, London N1 0NP