Chuan Spa at The Langham is the first luxury hotel spa in London to incorporate elements of traditional Chinese medicine into its treatments, and that’s something that they’ve evolved by partnering with Ashmira Botanica. The brand is inspired by Chinese medicine and formulated using natural ingredients, and its signature treatments are all about balancing the yin and yang energies in the body to help achieve a deeper level of relaxation.

The signature Ashmira Botanica Pure Alchemy treatment is centred around the ancient philosophy of the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, so the facials can be personalised to your biorhythm (birth year), your emotions, and your current skincare concerns as well as to the season – as it’s summer, the focus is fire.

The 90-minute multi-sensory treatment begins with a cup of ceremonial cacao and a foot soak to kickstart the relaxation, with chimes and sound bowls used throughout to keep you feeling very zen. The facial itself involves a deep cleanse, massages with tourmaline crystal powder and oil blends to balance the energies in the skin, facial cupping to get rid of any toxins, a personalised elemental mask, and rose quartz rollers to leave your face glowing and radiant. You even get a bonus bit of back exfoliation using ground rice powder and an acupressure and meridian massage designed to remove any blocks within the body and attain emotional harmony.

Not only does the treatment banish any bit of tension or stress you may be carrying in your body, not to mention leave you with a fresh face, the Chuan Spa itself is the ultimate escape – it’s central location, plus its pool, makes it perfect for hiding in plain sight for a couple of hours.

2 Cavendish Pl, London W1B 3DE