Royal Blood are at it again having released another up close and gritty video which, to be honest, is exactly what their music makes you want to feel! Following on from their Out of The Black release, expect more close up varied focus shots of them thrashing their instruments in a dingy surrounding layered with film scratches. We will cherish these videos before they start releasing huge budget ones because boy, we’re expecting world domination from these two!

This noisy Brighton duo are blessed with exactly the right amount of grimy riffs, bellowing bass lines, rad drumming and gorgeous vocals. Sharing the same rock recipe book as Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Keys, we hope this band are set for truly great things with a sound that’s so enrapturing. Remove yourself from public view, put your headphones on and rock out to this video (we dare you not to want to be or be with Mike Kerr by the end).