Obviously as Royal Blood fans we’ve been giggling and screaming since the release of the video for figure it out, we love it. In our eyes the duo can do no wrong, but we know bias aside that this is a corker. Deemed by many as the favourite song, ‘Figure it out’ displays what phenomenal noise these two can make together, and now the song has a face to its noise.

The song starts off bluesy with its flirty rhythm, but is soon tainted by bass ace Mike’s grubby little riffs until it bursts with all their musical talent. Anyway enough lauding, let’s take you through the vid: murderous hot blonde runs through shopping centre trying to lose her captors whilst coolly sipping on a shake and eventually stabbing said captor. It is blood filled in the way an American B-list horror movie is, except we watched this one all the way to the end.

10th July- Summer in the City, Manchester, UK
11th July- T in the Park Festival, Kinross, UK
23rd August- Reading Festival, Rivermead Reading, UK
24th August- Leeds Festival, Bramham Park, UK