room renting made easy

Searching for a room to rent can be a very stressful process, particularly in a city that’s as big and as fast-paced as London. You have to be on the ball all the time so you don’t miss out on a room, you have to deal with landlords who may not actually be offering what they say they are, and you have to spend a big chunk of your hard-earned cash on a room at the end of it all. Badi makes it a breeze thanks to these four key features.

The Badi App

The London rental market is super competitive and good rooms get snapped up quickly, so you’ve really gotta be on top of your game. As Badi is a mobile-first app, you’ve got the entire platform accessible any time, anywhere through your phone. That means you can browse for rooms on your commute, on your lunch break or in the bath, and you can communicate with room listers in real time, so no opportunities get missed.

In-App Inbox

Badi’s in-app inbox is the space where you can communicate with room listers and potential landlords. Not only does it keep all your messages in one place, acting as a paper trail for Badi should any issues regarding room rental arise, it allows you to talk with landlords without sharing your personal contact info. No one needs even more WhatsApp threads in their life.

Verified Rooms

Turning up to view a room that looks nothing like the one advertised has got to be one of the most disheartening aspects of looking for somewhere to live. On Badi, people listing a room can request to have it checked by the platform’s home-checker team – someone visits the property, takes pictures and verifies that all the amenities listed are actually there to guarantee that the room and the online listing match. All verified listings are tagged as such on the site and they get prioritised in the search, so you can spot them easily.

Secure Booking System

If you’re gonna be dropping quite a large amount of cash on a room, you want to know your money is both safe and going to the right place. You can rent with peace of mind through Badi thanks to the secure booking system, which protects against fraud and late cancellations. If you book a room and pay the first month’s payment through the platform, you’re safeguarded against fraud as the payment doesn’t get transferred to the room lister until 48 hours after you’ve moved in, giving you enough time to check it’s the real deal. If you get cancelled on at the last minute, you get your booking amount refunded in full. The Badi team will also help you look for another room.

See how easy renting a room is on Badi.