rollernation is back

Now Christmas is officially over it’s time to ditch the ice skates and swap them for roller skates. That’s right, roller-disco Rollernation is back in London after almost four years away, and it’s got a new home moving from Vauxhall to Bruce Grove in Haringey. It’s still got everything you expect from a roller-disco though, with different weekly themed nights including Rollerboogie and Soulskate, with a 2am closing time on Saturdays so you can skate the night away.

The doors open this month so skates at the ready for the most fun you can have on eight wheels. Lycra is not required but we fully encourage it. BRB, off to dig out our neon pink leotard….

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Opens Fri 18th January 2019
117 Bruce Grove, London, N17 6UR