Ever tried Japanese Kaiseki dining? Now’s your chance. New restaurant Roketsu in Marylebone has reimagined the tradition with a modern flair. Historically, Kaiseki was a meal consisting of 10 courses served to Buddhist Monks at tea ceremonies and has become renowned as a major influence on modern fine dining worldwide. Chef Daisuke Hayashi, one of the only masters of this style in the world, blends this with Western techniques, promising something exclusive and exciting.

Set in a classic Japanese interior – actually built in Kyoto and shipped to London – Roketsu seats diners at the 10-stool bar, serving a maximum of 16 covers a night for a 3-hour meal. Their food menu changes each month; dishes currently on the list include Shiizakana, Barbary duck kamo-nabe with leek; Mukozuke, Cornish ikejime seabass with lobster toro, yuzu & Japanese mustard; and Nakachoku, a chilled soup made with Black Chalk ‘Dancer in Pink’ wine. And the drinks menu has been assembled by Ryosuke Mashio, formerly the sommelier for Michelin-starred Umu, and features over 70 types of sake and 350 wines. A chance to try one of Japan’s most sought-after food experiences, from a master of the art? Sounds like this could be a one-off.

12 New Quebec Street, London, W1H 7RW