With the rise of petrol prices and the increasing popularity of electric cars, more and more people are considering to go on a road trip using an electric vehicle. However, as the network of charging stations is not yet well-developed everywhere, it is necessary to prepare well for the journey. This article provides useful tips for travelling with an electric car in the United States, a perfect destination for a road-trip in an electric car.  Remember that, if you want to travel to the US, you must first apply for an ESTA visa.

Autonomy, charging stations and sockets

One of the most important aspects to consider if you are planning to go on holiday with an electric vehicle is the autonomy of the car. If you are driving your own vehicle, you should check the maximum range in practice as well as in the weather conditions at your travel destination. Sometimes there is a big difference between the theoretical range and the actual range. In the case of a holiday in the UK, the range plays less of a role than on trips to southern or Eastern Europe. This is because the UK has one of the highest densities of charging points in Europe. It is always advisable to check the location of charging points on the chosen route to avoid unexpectedly running out of power.

In addition, travellers with electric cars should be aware of the differences in the types of sockets and charging posts. The type 2 plug is standard in Europe, but some European countries still have mainly type 3 plugs. In addition, Tesla has its own “Superchargers” which are not always accessible for cars of other brands. Especially in the UK and the USA, Superchargers are often only accessible for Tesla cars.

Road trip across the USA

The US are a fantastic destination for an authentic road trip. The country has a number of iconic roads, where travellers can explore changing landscapes and bustling cities. Some of the most famous routes include Route 66 from Illinois to California, the ‘Pacific Coast Highway’ along the California coast and the ‘Great River Road’ along the Mississippi. On these routes, travellers can enjoy the ultimate American freedom and leave all worries behind. Most travellers still opt for a car that runs on petrol or diesel, but even in the USA, it is usually no problem to travel with an electric car.

Drive through the US in an electric car

The USA is one of the countries with the highest number of electric cars and, as a result, its infrastructure is also well-developed. Some of the most iconic car routes in the United States, such as Route 66, are also great to drive with an electric car. However, it is advisable to plan your route well in advance to avoid running out of power along the way. This gives a little less freedom than a normal road trip, but that doesn’t make an electric road trip any less fun and the environmental impact is also significantly less. Interstate 95 on the east coast of the United States and the West Coast Electric Highway, in particular, are perfect destinations for road trips with an electric vehicle. On these highways, drivers will find at least one charging station for every 100 km.

The future is electric

It is certainly not yet possible to travel very long distances seamlessly with an electric car everywhere, but due to the constant development of the infrastructure around electric mobility, it will soon be quite normal to go on holiday in an electric car. For now, however, it is still advisable to limit your travelling plans to regions with a high density of charging stations, such as the United States. In addition to the range of the car, the type of plug and the number of charging stations, travellers should also inform themselves about the general conditions of travel before setting off. For example, before travelling to the United States, one needs to apply for an ESTA USA or a visa.

Apply for your ESTA USA in advance

A visa is required to travel to the US. This means that all travellers – including children – must apply for a visa or other travel authorization in advance. UK nationals can easily apply for an US ESTA online. The ESTA is an electronic travel authorisation for the USA. It is valid for 2 years, and it allows travellers to spend 90 consecutive days in the country. This is more than enough to do a road trip across the country. There are a number of specific conditions for travelling with an ESTA, and you should always check for the latest updates. For example, the American government has recently included Cuba to a list of countries that are supposed to support terrorism. This means that you cannot use the ESTA visa if you have been to Cuba before.