YO! Sushi have jumped on the conveyor belt and create a ramen menu following in the footsteps of Tonkostu, Bone Daddies and Shoryu who all opened recently in the city. We went along to see if the ramen was banging or not….

The ramen menu features 5 flavours; Five Spice Gy? Beef, Miso-Dare Chicken, Chasiu Pork, Kaisen and last but not least Kitsune. The ramen comes served in a huge bowl with pickled bamboo shoots and fresh ramen noodles. We sampled the Kaisen ramen which comes served with fishcakes and is priced at just £8 which is pretty reasonable given the generous size of the portions. That’s lunch for under a tenner right there!

If like us you sometimes find ramen a bit bland for your personal tastes you’ll be pleased to here at YO Sushi they serve it up alongside Sesame Oil, Garlic Puree and Hot Chilli Oil so that you can add what you need. Cracking!

Available now at YO! Sushi.

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