We’ve always been fans of Yo! Sushi, we love the whole gimmicky conveyor belt thing and we’re not afraid to admit it. So when we visited Yo! Sushi Market Place which has even more quirky stuff we liked it. As well as the usual conveyor belt seating the restaurant has tables which are sunken into a wooden walk way, a bar serving Yo cocktails and possibly our favourite feature those all singing, all dancing toilets. Yip the toilets offer deodorising spray, water massage, front wash, bum wash and much, much more. If you ain’t sampled the loos, then do!
There’s a little more on the menu than other Yo Sushi’s but the concepts the same. We tried a selection of hot and cold dishes which were fresh and tasty – just remember to order the hot dishes rather than get the ones from the belt as they taste better. The sushi isn’t the most traditional of Japanese sushi but we like that as there are plenty of choices for non-raw fish fans. The broths and rice dishes are our favourites and we’d recommend trying the Scallop Katsu – Crispy Japanese breaded scallops with wasabi mayonnaise. Hot indeed.
Just be careful not to go over board as those dishes add up! Check out the array of offers online before you Yo!, sorry go – couldn’t resist!
Basement & Ground floor, East Portland House, 4 Great Portland Street, W1W