With broccoli covered walls, Rawligion is an oasis in the heart of central London. Pushing boundaries and hoping to change the way we view plant-based food, Rawligion serves up food in the rawest possible form – and no that doesn’t mean we were just handed a bag of carrots! Using local, seasonal and organically grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, and cold pressed oils, they take the very best nature has to offer to put a spin on classic dishes from all over the world. And after jumping on the healthy lifestyle band wagon ourselves, we were looking forward to checking out out Rawligion.

On arrival we were faced with the mammoth task of choosing what to drink and with juices, smoothies and elixrs made using botanical extracts and tonic herbs, it was a tough choice. The refreshing ‘John Dee’  with sugar kelp, sea salt, dulce and lime came close, but the real star of the show is their cold brew coffee. Coming from London’s very first Oji Cold Drip Coffee Tower, the 12hr cold drip coffee is served over ice with their rich and creamy non-dairy mylk, made with medicinal mushrooms (not magic…).

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After the impressive drinks selection, we were pretty excited to check out the food and for us the real standouts included the nutty dehydrated falafel and hummus, spicy thai slaw, cauliflower sushi with seaweed caviar and the zero-calorie kelp noodles with pesto…YES ZERO CALORIE. Packed full of flavour, each dish stood on it’s own two feet and with the menu being entirely gluten and dairy free, it’s a real winner for everyone. Being a healthy, plant based restaurant doesn’t mean they don’t do dessert either; they just have to get more creative and the guilt-free caramel slice and key lime pie made from coconut flesh would put some desserts to shame.

Rawligion doesn’t just promote the health benefits of raw and plant-based food, but are genuinely passionate about what they are doing and you can taste it. Perfect for a quick breakfast or healthy lunch.

3 Tottenham Street, London W1T 2AF