Kojawan isn’t the kind of restaurant you’d expect to find at the top of a huge, chain hotel in Baker Street but then they aren’t afraid to be loud and proud billing themselves on their website as ‘genuinely inauthentic’. The space ship style dining room is overloaded with quirks, from the decor including various toy statues that can all be purchased to take home to the bright pink chairs and very quirky menu items.

But perhaps an even bigger surprise is the uninterrupted views of London which go on for miles and miles and the abundance of tables and chairs which means you don’t have to fight for a seat at the window or be surrounded by loads of annoying tourists. We visited for dinner, opting to sink a couple of Kirin Ichiban Draft Pint complete with frozen head made up of tequila and lime at the bar as the sun sunk in the sky. You gotta love a Largerita, especially when teamed with Crispy Chicken and spicy ketchup and spicy crab dumplings with chilli and ginger dip.

Want more? Then we suggest checking out the decent list of cocktails and other booze food items rather than a full on dinner – Booze, nibbles and banging views? We’re down (or up) with that.

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Hilton Metropole Hotel, 23rd Floor, 225 Edgware Rd, London W2 1JU