After doing the rounds on the street food circuit, Killer Tomato has now set up its first permanent site in Shepherd’s Bush. Located at the top of Goldhawk Road, Killer Tomato is a simple yet cool space, with an open kitchen, heavily graffitied walls and a glowing neon sign at the back bathing everything in a red glow. We were big fans of the original market stand so were pretty damn excited to check it out. The menu is largely made up of tacos and burritos with a few other bits too. We decided to stick to the tacos side of the menu although having spied some burritos being made when we were leaving, we can report that these looked immense.

On the tacos, Killer Tomato have made a genius invention…the cheeseburger taco. Think Big Macs minus the bread, wrapped in a fresh soft tortilla and you’re pretty much there. We also loved the fresh spicy crayfish tostadas, fish tacos, and green chorizo and fries tacos. It’s especially great to see green chorizo on the menu, something we discovered (and loved) on a recent trip to Mexico. We haven’t found it in London before – and neither had Killer Tomato – so they made their own! And it’s a winner.


Killer Tomato treads a nice line between classic and modern creations and the tortillas were a nice big size…none of these mini versions that are gone in two bites, oh no. This means you will be nice and stuffed after 3-4 tacos but if you do have room, check out the drowned ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Decent food (a Big Mac taco for gods sake!), cocktails and service…Killer Tomato is killing it in West London.

18 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 8DH