Boopshi’s has finally opened its doors in Fitzrovia following some pretty successful pop-ups. Specialising in Schnitzel and Spritzer the laid back joint features a dining area upstairs and bar downstairs. Like the menu the decor is pretty simple, but it works well for a quick supper with the mates.

Considering the food menu is small, the drinks list is quite lengthy however we stuck to the Spritzers which come in 6 different flavours. Served in a huge glass our favourite was the Campari, Sherbet, Blood Orange Soda and Prosecco – great value for £7.50.

The Schnitzels come in a choice of three meats, rare breed Pork, Veal or Chicken – For us it’s Pork all the way! Served as a Schnitzel on a plate it’s up to you to make up the sides. We can recommend the creamy Spatzel and Cheese (just like mac’n’cheese) and the sauerkraut.

Desserts shouldn’t be missed either and we say that with confidence, we tried all three. The Sachertorte or gooey chocolate cake is BANGING.

For Schnitzel and Spritzer Boopshi’s should be top of the list!

31 Windmill Street London W1T 2JN