photo 1-10We love a good roasting, especially on a Sunday and finding a decent one can be pretty tricky. So we’re happy that Bacchus Sundays, a weekly residency in Shoreditch from the guys who were behind the Bacchus pub up the road has arrived.

Located in Hoxton Studios, the room is decked out so that it feels a bit spesh even though it’s pretty simple. The menu changes each week and it’s just £25 for three courses (or you can just eat one!). When we visited we were lucky enough to find the Burford brown haggis scotch egg with whiskey mustard sauce was on the menu. A hearty starter of flavour packed meat coating a soft boiled egg. DELISH.

photo 3-7

We were also pretty happy to see beef, chicken, pork and lamb all on the menu as well as the undecided which is a bit of beef, chicken and pork. BOOM. Beef came served pretty rare but that’s just how we like it, the pork was well cooked only it could of done with a little less salt on the crackling.

Other than that we had no complaints – tasty roast tatties, big yorkshire puds and rich gravy.For dessert the raspberry bake well tart sealed the deal. Old school, served with custard it was rich but not overly heavy. Great value grub, we’ll defo be back.

12-18 Hoxton Street, London, N1 6NG