In the UK, there is a plethora of moving companies, all claiming to be credible. With such claims, how do you know that your possessions will be safe with one company and not the other? Well, there are never any guarantees.

When looking for your ideal mover, should you consider a man with a van removals company or other house clearance firms? If you are looking for a more economical move, the London man and van companies should be the go-to solution. However, you need to determine how experienced and professional the services offered are. How can you separate professionals from the rogue traders? Let’s find out.

Choosing Professional Movers

Moving can be a highly stressful process, particular when you have the wrong team. This is why when planning your move in the UK, it is advisable to contact a removal company. Although removal companies do most of the hard work, the most critical part is finding one that you can trust.

Before settling, ensure that the moving company is certified and has a track record of upholding high industry standards. Hiring an accredited man with a van will mean that your belongings will be moved safely.

Be keen also, to ask the right questions to find out how reputable the movers are. For instance, find out what type of cover they offer and their level of insurance. How long have they traded and how do they plan to handle your move?

Remember, reviews are a critical element when it comes to settling for a mover. However, reviews are not wholly infallible. The information given in the reviews should be relevant and appear on a reputable site.

The Cost of Move

Several factors will determine the cost of your move in the UK. First, the amount of goods being moved will be factored in, the distance travelled, time needed to pack and offload and the size of crew.

Given the range of elements that make up the cost, it may not be possible to get a clear figure until your individual requirements have been reviewed. A reputable mover should explain all charges.

Will you Need a Pre-Move Survey?

In the UK, most movers recommend a pre-move survey. This is the process of assessing the volume of items that will need to be moved. It pre-determines the actual cost of the move through an accurate assessment of what will be moved. The mover will visit your home and critically survey each room, taking note of the most delicate items. They will also take note of the heavy items, furniture that may need to be dismantled during the move and the ease of access to each room.

If you do not have the time for a survey or the items to be moved are few, the mover may opt to send you a form so you can fill in the items on your own. After the survey, the consultant will calculate your overall quotation based on the information gathered. Remember that this process is free, meaning you will be under no obligation to accept the offer if you do not like it.

Will you Need Home Moving Insurance?

Your mover may give you a recommendation of a local storage facility in case you will need one. Even if your move will not necessitate a storage facility, it will be safe to know that one is available should things not go as initially planned. In some cases, homeowners find themselves in the need of an emergency storage facility on the big day.

Be Wary of Scams

Like any other part of the world, you will also find unscrupulous traders in the UK moving industry. On the day of the move, these traders tend to charge extra and in worse cases drive off with your possessions. To ensure you do not fall victim of fraud, ensure you are dealing with a legitimate moving company by checking their contact numbers, address and email. Most scammers give low estimates, demand cash only payments or large deposits and many of them do not have a website.

Moving a house in the UK is a decision that requires careful planning, one that requires the input of a credible mover. Before settling for a moving company, read their ratings and give extra attention to consumer reports.