We’re trying to live more sustainably at LOTI, from swapping the products we use to being more conscious of the food we eat, so we love it when other brands and businesses champion the cause too. Inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12 (which aims to reduce food waste by half per capita by 2030) Regent Street & St James’s has launched a food waste pledge, signing up eleven restaurants in the area to collectively commit to cutting food waste by 25% by this time next year.

Food waste is a huge problem, with the food service industry in the UK creating enough waste to fill The Shard nearly eleven times each year, which we can all agree is a hell of a lot. That’s why Brasserie Zedel, Angela Hartnett’s Café Murano, Frescobaldi, Hawksmoor Air Street, Hotel Café Royal’s Laurent, ikoyi, Ralph’s Coffee and Bar, Scully, Sketch, Stem and tibits have committed to reducing their waste. Here’s hoping more restaurants across town get inspired to do the same.

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