Sustainable fashion lines are cropping more and more, but new brand Re_Threads wants to fill a gap in the market: environmentally-friendly and high-functioning workwear. Now they’re setting out on a mission to generate a greener fashion future and provide positive opportunities for at-risk youth. 

To earn their eco creds, Re_Threads uses exclusively sustainable materials in their durable clothing. A large portion of their range is made from organic cotton, which generates 46% fewer greenhouse gases than conventional cotton, healthier soil and requires 91% less water to farm. They also use bamboo, often called the ‘world’s most renewable material’, as it’s a very fast-growing plant that absorbs a significant amount of carbon dioxide while producing 35% more oxygen than a similar group of trees. Re_Threads has also chosen to work only with factories of the highest ethical standards and ensure that circular economy principles apply throughout their supply chain, logistics and packaging – all while working towards becoming a net-zero business. 

But their work doesn’t just stop at clothes. Re_Threads is working to provide meaningful experience and skills to vulnerable young people through their partnership with charity Rise Futures. Rise specialises in helping young care leavers who are often left behind by their peers, have difficulty accessing education or employment, and are at a higher risk of exploitation. Among other outreach efforts, they partner with businesses like they have with Re_Threads, to bring training and job opportunities to the young people they work with.

Their range is gender-inclusive and stylish while staying functional, with everything from boilersuits to utility jackets and tees to gilets available. Now’s your chance to get your hands on pieces that’ll stand the test of time while giving back to the planet and the community.