Filipino-Japanese ramen joint Ramo Ramen, from the Maginahwa restaurant group (who also have Bingtang, Mamasons and Panadera), is expanding and opening a second site in Soho this month. The Kentish town original is known for putting a Japanese spin on Filipino classics like kare kare and sinigang whilst nodding to co-founder Omar Shah’s Filipino-Muslim upbringing, meaning they don’t serve pork-based broths. What that results in is dishes like oxtail kare kare with a peanut beef broth & pulled oxtail; chicken sopas with a chicken broth, crispy chicharrones & pulled adobo chicken; and sinigang with a seafood taramind broth, king prawns, roasted tomatoes & enoki mushrooms. They also do their own take on katsu curry, karaage chicken, gyoza and edamame.

The menu for the Soho branch (which’ll be taking over the old Wild Rice site) hasn’t been announced yet but it’ll likely be very similar, with the popular kare kare and sinigang bowls at its heart. According to Eater, co-founder Omar Shah is also keen to put tsukemen (noodles served separately to broth) on there too, so it’ll be well worth a visit even if you’re a regular in Kentish Town.

Opens July 2021
28 Brewer St, London, W1F 0SR