Forget ridesharing in a cab, you can now rideshare in a submarine as Queensland, Australia has teamed up with Uber to launch scUber. The world’s first rideshare submarine experience will run at the Great Barrier Reef for two weeks, offering riders the chance to immerse themselves in the reef without the need for a diving license. Uber is partnering with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to support their protection and conservation work.

The scUber experience will set you back $3000 AUD for two riders, which gets you pickup from your location, a return scenic helicopter rider to eiher Heron Island or Port Douglas, a one hour ride in the scUber submarine, and dropoff at your original address. It’s not cheap, but it’s defo not your normal Uber ride.

If you don’t wanna splash out for it, Uber is offering you the chance to win a ride – and yes, it includes flights.

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Mon 27th May – Sun 9th June 2019