put your body back in balance

The Ayurveda Pura Health Spa & Beauty Centre in Greenwich practices an ancient holistic medical system from India that puts your body and mind back in harmony. More than just a relaxing massage, this is the ‘science of life’. We were introduced to Dr Deepa Apte for a consultation, who told you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put on your tongue. Just as everything you put on your tongue gets absorbed and reaches different parts of the body, everything that you put on your skin will get absorbed to your deepest tissues and bones. Makes sense. After taking our pulse and looking at our tongue she asked if we had pain in our lower back…how did she know that!

In a nutshell, this is all about restoring the balance of a person’s individual constitution, which is made up of three bio-physical forces (Doshas). These are Vata (air & space), Pitta (fire & water) and Kapha (water & earth). Each one of us has all three but it’s the dominance of each force that determines our body type. So you’re born with a type, though this can change over time due to diet and lifestyle.

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Our basic body type is Pitta Kapha, through our imbalanced body type is Pitta/Vata (find out yours here, you know you want to). So we’ve got too much air and space and not enough water and earth…story of our lives. We underwent a Pinda Sveda treatment that helps strengthen the skeletal system, bones and nervous system, which was often used in ancient times on martial arts students…yes, we’re a ninja at heart. It is also an ideal treatment during cold weather as it helps regulate circulation and prevents cramps.

It began with a gentle massage to awaken the skin and body before hot herbal infused oils were massaged into the skin. These were specifically tailored to restore the balance of our constitution. The full body was worked on and the hot oil felt amazing. With gentle music in the background, we found our breathing fell into sync with the long movements of the massage. The treatment lasted for one hour (the best hour of the week by far) after which we showered and we were given a herbal tea to sip on. How did we feel? Well pretty relaxed and calm, we wouldn’t say we were fully restored but we can certainly feel the benefits and is something we can see doing regularly to help maintain a better balance.

The whole process was interesting and damn enjoyable, with everyone we met being very approachable, answering our questions and giving us advice – helpful as we are chained to a desk (most days anyway) and constantly in fear of developing a 90-degree walking style. If you are curious about restoring the harmony of your body and mind, defo check out Ayurveda Pura.

48 Newton Lodge, Greenwich Millennium Village, West Parkside, North Greenwich, SE10 0BA