product love: uppercut deluxe

The perfect blend of traditional and modern, Uppercut Deluxe was inspired by both the barbershops of the 1950s and the surf and skate vibes of Portland, Oregon and Australia, where the brand was born. The products are designed to be everyday yet also timeless; the focus is on essentials here, not twenty different varieties of the same thing.

Their wash and shave collections are concise and simple – one shampoo and one conditioner, both infused with energising peppermint extract, and one bar of soap packed with moisturising goats milk, and one shave cream and aftershave moisturiser. The styling range is where Uppercut really packs a punch though, with different pomades and waxes to suit virtually every hair type and style. From Featherweight Wax for messy looks to Monster Hold for hardcore control to Mo Wax for every ‘tache imaginable, they’ve got the product for you, including the necessary combs and brushes you need to switch your style up.

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