Kiwi brand Triumph & Disaster are out to prove that looking after your skin and hair can still be rock & roll. Their simple philosophy centres on marrying the best of science with the best of nature; local NZ ingredients like Horopito oil and Ponga Fern extract are blended with other goodies that are proven to work. Plus the only animals they test on are themselves, so you can have a clean conscience as well as a clean face.

The range of excellently named face, body and hair products includes the Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub packed with volcanic ash and green clay; the manly-smelling Shearer’s Soap, with plenty of poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation; and the Coltrane Clay, rich in Pracaxi Oil and Brazil Wax. Each one serves a particular purpose – there aren’t five different moisturisers or cleansers or shave creams that all actually do the same thing – so every product feels bespoke. T&D has created a modern approach to skincare without losing old-fashioned values. Sounds like a total triumph to us.

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