We’re partial to a keratin treatment in the salon, it’s similar to a Brazilian blow-dry in that it keeps your hair super smooth for a good 2-3 months. It also makes traveling easier because even when using standard hotel shampoos your hair stays manageable and fizz free. With lockdown and travel restrictions, we’ve neglected our barnet and so with a 14-day quarantine to get through following a recent trip we decided to give this SOS Shane O’Sullivan Keratin Rescue Treatment a whirl. Shane is a celebrity hair stylist and created Easilocks, which specializes in clip-in extensions as seen on Chezza, Rita Ora and Margot Robbie, so it’s safe to say he knows how to make a gal look good.

The treatment is the first of its kind and claims to offer salon standard results for a fraction of the price at just £35 (a decent keratin treatment in a salon can set you back around £125). We’ve tried quite a few at home conditioning treatments so we were pretty skeptical but we have to say it really did what it said on the tin…or box in this case. It’s very easy to use, taking just 10 minutes – it does have quite a strong chemical smell but that eases up after a couple of days. It doesn’t take too long though and whilst you use gloves to apply, apart from that there’s really no mess.

Our hair was transformed and even though it hasn’t been cut in a few months the amount of people who asked if we’d had it done was really quite amazing. If you’re fighting the frizz with this wet weather then we seriously advise giving it a try!