With Eastern philosophies at its core, Rituals is a brand that is all about transforming our daily routines into something meaningful. That means making grooming a pleasure, not a chore and something to be savoured, not rushed. Inspired by the grooming traditions of the ancient Japanese warriors, The Ritual of the Samurai is all about creating a sense of confidence and control when prepping for the day. Look good, feel good, be ready for anything…you get the idea.

As with all the other the ranges, natural ingredients form the backbone of the products. Here the key ones are nourishing organic bamboo and refreshing Japanese mint, supplemented by other goodies like wakamae, yuzu and ginseng. For the modern day warrior, awakening mind and body takes just four steps…a reinvigorating Cool Scrub, Ice Shower and Cool Hair shampoo followed by a soothing Cool Deo…but the Ritual of the Samurai includes a range of body, skin, shave and hair products, plus a cedar wood and bamboo scented candle, for the times you really want to indulge.