product love: mr natty

After being asked for product recommendations by friends, classically trained British Royal Court barber Matt Raine decided to take matters into his own hands and mix up his own line of goods, and Mr Natty was born. Using ingredients sourced from England, he’s created a range of soaps, oils and waxes that’ll keep your hair, skin and beard in top-notch condition.

As well as various paste and clay hair preparations and skin ointments, it’s beards that Mr Natty does best. Whether you’re growing it out (the signature Famous Beard Elixir will invigorate your skin and soften your beard) or you’re going clean shaven (the award-winning You’ve Been Nicked Alum Bar will sort out those pesky cuts), he’s got the perfect product for you. And not only do you get quality goods with Mr Natty, you get a sense of humour – not only is the FFS Beard Shampoo packed with hydrating and moisturising olive oil, peppermint oil and shea butter, it comes in a great looking tin too.

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