product love: mancave

The ManCave mission is simple – to create a natural grooming regime that’s luxurious, effective and affordable. Each and every product is formulated right here in the UK and undergoes a two-year development process, so you know it’s as good as it can possibly be, and with a strong emphasis on natural ingredients, they’re better for your skin and better for the environment too.

From olive stone powder and horsechestnut extract in the Olive Stone Face Scrub to aloe vera, lemon oil and bergamot oil in the Lemon & Oak Shower Gel to the black pepper, grapeseed, hemp and tea tree oils in the Blackspice Beard Control, you’re spoiled with tons of natural goodies. And ManCave even have a special line for sensitive skin, packed with purifying and soothing cucumber, white tea and nordic cotton, so you can be sure your face is in good hands.

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