product love | less is more

If your hair needs a little helping hand this summer, look no further than Less Is More. The Austrian brand created by Dr Doris Brandhuber and Hannes Trummer is a 100% organic haircare range designed to be simple (clue’s in the name) yet effective. Everything is packed full as many natural ingredients as possible to ensure that the products are both good for you and good for the environment.

As well as a selection of shampoos and conditioners that cleanse hair, add volume and lock in shine, Less Is More also has a collection of products that address specific hair concerns. The Phytonutrient Hairroot Serum, with pea sprout extract and apple stem cells, soothes the scalp and hair by combating the effects of stress, ageing and chemical treatment; basically a few drops of this on your head every day will have your hair feeling thicker and fuller. The Elderflower Salt Spray, packed with primal rock salt brine, aloe vera and elderberry seed oil is ideal if you want those beachy waves and you’re nowhere near the sea – it just takes a few sprays and a few scrunches to achieve texture that will stick around all day. Products that are easy to use and good for your hair, we can’t ask for more than that.