product love: grüum

If you’re big on grooming and big on getting things delivered then grüum may be just the thing for you. Whether you’ve got a serious beard or are smooth shaven, they can build the exact kit you need, box it all up and drop it right to your door every month, saving you money on products and time on shopping.

Fusing style, functionality and affordability, grüum is Scandinavian through and through, minimalist branding included. Though it may be friendly on your wallet, the quality is still there with each product packed full of natural goodness. The beard range is packed with rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth, hydrating argan oil and antibacterial eucalyptus with the cleanse products containing anti-inflammatory sage, calming witch hazel and aloe vera. It may only be small collection at the moment but you can’t get it anywhere else, so if you want to groom with grüum, you know what to do.