product love: good old boys

Good Old Boys is a lifestyle store that’s all about classic style for the modern man…that means hats, tees, sunglasses, bicycles, grill sets and a grooming range. With a heavy focus on beards and barnets, the products are all made in the UK and are designed to appeal to the traditional English gentleman in all of you. They’ve got the right hardware if you like to shave the old-school way and moisturising balms and pomade wax to keep your beard in top condition.

It’s the beard oils where Good Old Boys stands out though; with the whole collection promoting strong and healthy hair growth, you can chop and change between scents depending on your mood. From the sweet almond and cinnamon of the Winter Spice oil to the warm caramel, charred oak and chocolate of the Bourbon Blend to the mango, papaya and coconut of the Tropical Blend, there’s one to suit every season…there’s even a limited edition Lucky Guinness oil in time for St Patrick’s Day.

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