product love: edwin jagger

Family owned and run business Edwin Jagger has been creating high standard men’s grooming products since 1988 and their range is a combination of classic English craftsmanship and modern design, so you get the best of both worlds. Their speciality is luxury wet shaving, so if you like to keep a clean-shaven face, this is the brand for you.

From their hydrating pre-shave preparations to their shaving soaps to their aftershave lotion, the entire collection of Edwin Jagger products has been designed to make the shaving experience as smooth as possible, so everything is paraben free and packed with cooling menthol, aloe vera and sandalwood. Of course creams and soaps are no good without the right gear and Edwin Jagger has you covered on that front too – they have their own double edge safety razor (perfect for a cut-throat style shave but with no expertise necessary) and a whole selection of badger hair shaving brushes handmade in Sheffield.

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